One stop shop for anything you want to do with a picture - Tag it, Save it, Open it, Embed it, Drag it, Share it - you name it, we got it.
Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop functionality gives you the ability to start working immediately - you see something you like, just drag it in your work space and continue working.
Post to Blog
You have the power to instantly embed the picture in your posts with ready made professional looking and cross-browser compatible divs. Just hit the "copy to clipboard" button, paste it in your HTML and you're set.
Save Locally
Want to backup or save it for later? No need in clumsy "right click, save as, too hard to understand what's going on" options - just save the picture right from the preview window when you're satisfied.
Open In
Just double click the image in the preview window and launch your default viewer with the picture ready for your pleasure.
Stumbled upon something interesting? Share it with a friend - put it in his email! You can also post to social networks.
Set as Wallpaper
Do you feel like changing your background? Just hit the "Set as wallpaper" on any picture and instantly your desktop will change and renew before your eyes.